Adapt To The Challenges Of Aging!

By Changing The Way You Move.

We're all athletes in our own way. It doesn't matter the race your in. Ironman, overcoming major surgery, reaching the restroom unaided - believe me, I've been there, and I thought I deserved a medal, every time!

That's so easy!

Geneva, 89 years old, learned how to stand easily using gravity and her handbag!

You can make simple changes to the way you move to adapt to aging!

Over-coming major surgery, later in life, to return to your favorite activities!

I'm not a medical doctor. I'm a veterinarian. But I sure know more about body movement optimization, and adapting to aging, than most of the young whippersnapper doctors I've met. I appreciate them, that's for sure. They saved my life from time-to-time. I have something to contribute to your later years, based on a love of life.

surgery recovery guide

Incisive and gentle guide by someone who has been there. Things you might not have thought of, and a careful and considered way forward after surgery on an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Links to his blog and other books that can help you find courage and your best self. Tucker Whitson

Twenty-one simple exercises to adapt to aging. Don't fight, adapt!

Body awareness wiill help you to make simple changes to the way you move to adapt to aging, for enjoyable golden years!

Finally! I found a product. Or it found me! That really works. Kind of magic! Try it, and you'll see! kev