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Are You Preparing For Aging? It's Easy!

When it comes to health and aging, and dealing with old age, be ready by learning how old people should workout, remaining active safely and enjoyably:

  • Re-align your body.
  • Correctly read your senses.
  • Question the obvious, which can be wrong.
  • Interpret pain more accurately.
  • Reduce or avoid training injuries.
  • Adapt to the challenges of aging, happily.
Inspirational Stories for Aging Mobility

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Enjoy A Story-Based Presentation On Preparing For Aging

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If you live within driving distance of Carrboro, NC, (or want to cover the author's travel expenses) he would be happy to give an entertaining presentation to any group that would benefit from preparing for aging. Stories are used to make important points, and Dr. Morgan knows better than to go on and on. During a successful 40-year career in science, he soon learned that effective presentations are a form of entertainment.

Aging is tougher than an Ironman race. Like any endurance race, you will find that aging benefits from preparation. In fact, it makes all the difference. This book, based on stories from the life of a veterinarian, scientist and life-long athlete, provides the guidance you will need to really enjoy your golden years, actively.

  • Tips and tricks to improve the way you move.
  • Learn how to fix self-induced mis-alignments.
  • Spot the warning signs of injuries before they happen.
  • Learn how to enjoy your golden years, and do stuff.
  • Bookstore price $14.95 plus shipping.

Review Of The First Edition, eBook, Amazon

Marsha A. Schaueron July 3, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition

I am enjoying this book. Kevin uses a breezy, easy to read, style to teach us how to move as we age, so we can still enjoy living our lives. His Observing, Questioning, Solving approach to problems works in many problems, not just figuring out why my body is no longer comfortable in the lovely but old leather sofa. As one who needs to move to be happy, yet finds the aging body telling me to find a new way, this book is a nice guide.

Review Of The First Edition, eBook, Amazon 

Diane Ton July 21, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition

Beautifully combines wise guidance, personal experience, helpful resources, and lovely stories from Kevin’s rich life.


ebook changing the way you move to prepare for aging

Excerpt From The Paperback Edition Of Prepare For Aging


The fall of dropping water wears away the Stone. – Lucretius

Repetition of certain movements, consciously or unconsciously, over a life-time may have untoward consequences. They can lead to problems later in life. So beware your movement habits. One of mine ended in surgery.

A daily morning cup of tea!

About one year ago a small bump appeared near the first joint of my right index finger. On the ‘thumb-ward side’ of the joint. The bump was firm to the touch. A dermatologist agreed that it felt like a mass. We both suspected a giant-cell tumor, a common occurrence in this site. A hand surgeon then agreed with this diagnosis.

No choice! Finger surgery!

The surgeon kindly allowed me to watch the operation, due to my medical training. It was fascinating to see someone cutting on me while it looked as though it was someone else's finger. The magic of local anesthetic! The surgeon said, “Take a look at this, Kevin. It’s a joint cyst, after all. I’ll repair it, and we’re done.”

Time for OQS! Why had that particular part of my joint bulged?

After my hand had recovered from the surgery, I noticed a relevant issue. I was drinking my usual morning cup of tea in my favorite cup. I like a certain kind of cup handle that feels right. Residual tenderness from the surgery brought the cause to my attention. There it was! The handle of my favorite cup was resting on the surgery site. Tea cup handles had been pressing on the same region of my finger joint almost every day for over 50 years. Thousands of times! I’d worn out the joint capsule by drinking my tea in the same manner every morning. How did I prevent re-occurrence? By giving up my morning cuppa? No way! I changed the way I moved my hands around the cup.

Like drinking tea, sitting is a repetitive movement behavior!

I don’t like sitting on chairs. They can put pressure on our hamstrings and even compress delicate tissues at the back of our knees. They also promote a tendency to slump or round our backs, leading to poor posture. I always try to sit cross-legged on chairs, though it’s not always possible.

There’s an art to sitting. See it as another opportunity to work on your posture. To correct self-induced misalignments. I suspect that the human subjects used by designers of airplane seats have terrible posture. Head pushed forward. Body slumped. Take a look at one of those seats sometime. Posture is also incorporated into car seat design. The best one ever was the VW Rabbit Diesel. It provided firm support for the lower back, with an appropriately placed headrest.

Poor posture can drag your body earthwards. Your posture will improve if you sit up straight. Shoulders back! Your weight on your sit bones (ischial tuberosities). Face the world erect and solid in your body with good posture. This can have beneficial effects on the way you move. There are other dangers associated with sitting for a life-time!

A major self-induced misalignment fixed by the OQS Method.

The way you start the sitting process will set up the way you sit.

Several years ago I noticed that my hips were tight on the left but not on the right. I was sitting on a bench in the gym. Facing a mirror. Right ankle resting on left knee. It felt familiar! Comfortable! OQS kicked in! How would it feel the other way around? Left ankle resting on right knee?

It was almost impossible to raise my left ankle onto my right knee. I had to use my hands to put it in place. My hips on that side were so tight. Then I thought, Does this apply to the way I sit cross-legged, too? It did! It was almost impossible to sit with my legs crossed ‘the other way around.’ Work to do!

Fifty years of sitting one way around had misaligned the soft tissues of my pelvis and upper legs. The effect even extended into my back and shoulders. Such self-induced misalignments accumulate over a life-time. They come home to roost eventually, leading to restricted movement. Even strains and injuries. Like a car with misaligned front wheels, leading to wear and tear on the tires and unstable road handling.

Several years of modified sitting later, either way feels normal. That left knee is still a little high. I work to coax it down, sometimes placing a weight on my left knee. Using gravity to gently lengthen those tight hip muscles.

None of us are completely symmetric. In fact, our asymmetries play a role in our attractiveness to other people. The OQS Method is designed to help you fix unhealthy asymmetries or misalignments, to prepare for aging and keep you moving.

By changing the way you move!

Transition from Sitting to Standing

Moving from sitting to standing can be challenging, especially for older people... 


If you want to know what comes next, and how to learn lots of other tricks for healthy aging, it's all in the book! Only $14.95 from major book sellers.

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