It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. Charles Darwin

This is where my aging journey began. It led to the creation of Old Dogs in Training, LLC, and my work to help others cope with the ravages of the aging process.

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Enjoy A Veterinary Story-Based Presentation On Preparing For Aging With FitOldDog

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If you live within driving distance of Carrboro, NC, (or want to cover the author's travel expenses) he would be happy to give an entertaining presentation to any group that would benefit from preparing for aging. Stories are used to make important points, and Dr. Morgan knows better than to go on and on. During a successful 40-year career in science, he soon learned that effective presentations are a form of entertainment.

Aging is tougher than an Ironman race. Like any endurance race, you will find that aging benefits from preparation. In fact, it makes all the difference. This book, based on stories from the life of a veterinarian, scientist and life-long athlete, provides the guidance you will need to really enjoy your golden years, actively.

  • Tips and tricks to improve the way you move.
  • Learn how to fix self-induced mis-alignments.
  • Spot the warning signs of injuries before they happen.
  • Learn how to enjoy your golden years, and do stuff.
  • Bookstore price $14.95 plus shipping.

Review Of The First Edition, eBook, Amazon

Marsha A. Schaueron July 3, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition

I am enjoying this book. Kevin uses a breezy, easy to read, style to teach us how to move as we age, so we can still enjoy living our lives. His Observing, Questioning, Solving approach to problems works in many problems, not just figuring out why my body is no longer comfortable in the lovely but old leather sofa. As one who needs to move to be happy, yet finds the aging body telling me to find a new way, this book is a nice guide.

Review Of The First Edition, eBook, Amazon 

Diane Ton July 21, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition

Beautifully combines wise guidance, personal experience, helpful resources, and lovely stories from Kevin’s rich life.


ebook changing the way you move to prepare for aging

Excerpt From The Paperback Edition Of Prepare For Aging


Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

– Bruce Lee

An important skill, worth adding to your life, is the ability to calm your mind. You let go, and relax. Relaxing your mind will relax your body and improve the fluidity of your movements. It’s not easy to do all the time. If you’re angry for instance. Tension has a tendency to spread, to affect your whole body. Sometimes with devastating effects.

February, 1969, 3:00 am.

The phone is ringing, AGAIN! I’ve been working non-stop for three days and nights. Driving from farm to farm all over a 25-mile radius from our veterinary practice office. I’m all in. Not happy! Tension is building!

I'm wondering if I'm cut out to be a veterinarian in clinical practice, even though most clients seem to appreciate my work. Where did that thought come from? The unhappiness was slowly growing. Unawares!

I’d been in this line of work for three years. Three different jobs. This one is perfect; on duty only one night in six and one weekend in six. I still don’t enjoy the work as much I thought I would. But this has been a long weekend, and the phone is ringing . . . at 3:00 in the morning.

I get out of bed, go downstairs, and stand next to the phone in the hall. With trepidation, I answer the call, thinking, I hope it’s not a difficult calving, 20 miles away.

I’m exhausted!

An elderly man’s voice says, “Is that the vet?” I grunt my sleepy reply, and he says, “It’s about my cat.” I have no desire to leave the house again, especially on a cold night. But my job is to assist animals (and their owners!). I start the usual line of questioning about symptoms. Then I ask the question that ruined the next few days of my life:

“How long has this been going on?”

“About a week."

“And you call me at three in the morning?" I almost scream.

I was immediately angry. There was no urgency. It could wait until morning.

He reacted with “Well! It’s your job, and you’re on duty, aren’t you?”

I explained that we are a small practice. There are no eight hour shifts. After-hours calls are for emergencies. Some people are inconsiderate. At that age, my psyche was ill-equipped to cope. I reassured the man that it could wait until morning surgery. He was appeased and agreed to be there in the morning. I did manage to apologize for my frustration and calm my voice, but not my anger.

Then I felt it!

Between my shoulder blades. A massive muscle spasm that confined me to my bed, unable to move, for three days. And I was just standing there. Talking!

It would appear that just standing can be perilous.

If you don’t have your mind under control.

What was the real message my body was sending me, you might wonder? While lying in bed, unable to move, I realized that I was not in my element. I needed to seek other work, which I did. Six months later I entered a career in science, as a researcher, and never looked back. My temperament is better suited to solving scientific problems, with studies that span years.

Veterinary practice deals with issues that generally take minutes to address. It also requires great people skills, while diplomacy has never been my strength.

This wasn't about a sick cat, it was about a vets' life out of whack!

When your body speaks, ask this question, Is it a strained muscle, or is my body trying to tell me something important about my life!

By the way, standing waiting is the perfect opportunity to work on calming your mind, while improving your posture or your ability to balance...


If you want to know how to do this, and how to learn lots of other tricks for healthy aging, it's all in the book! Only $14.95 from major book sellers.