PREPARE FOR AGING: Inspirational short stories to keep you thinking, moving, learning, enjoying!

Instructional tales from the life of a veterinary scientist - Ironman triathlete and optimal body movement enthusiast. 

This work focuses on affordability and self-education, to help you take charge of your life, as you age!

You’ll Learn:

How to improve your observational skills, when it comes to optimizing your movements.

How to correct self-induced body misalignments, due to the habits of a life-time.

How you can incorporate balance skills into your daily life, to offset the effects of aging.

An approach to choosing wisely, when it comes to seeking the assistance of health professionals.

Prepare For Aging Book

ONLY $14.95

Entertaining stories, from Dr. Morgan's life as a scientist and English country veterinarian.

Each tale provides an instructional analogy, to help you change the way you think and move, to enjoy your golden years. Designed to explain the underlying philosophy of the Observe, Question, Solve (OQS) Method. Anyone can apply this method, AFFORDABLY! Based on a life-time of medical and sports training. Combined with his challenges of aortic disease, while staying active in spite of it all. Learn to change the way you move, for more effective movement skills as you age. Adapt to these changes and you'll have more fun, that's for sure. MUCH MORE FUN!!!